As clinical trials have expanded their footprints to reach patients around the world, the journey of a clinical sample has become increasingly complex. Watch the new animated video to see why it’s so hard to maintain visibility into sample collection, processing, and consent status, as samples travel independently and are split into derivatives. You may be surprised, or you may know all too well.

Because samples are drawn from multiple clinical trial sites throughout a study, sent to biorepositories, and then multiple labs for deep biological profiling, it’s hard to maintain consistent visibility through the chain of custody.

With so many moving parts, clinical operations and translational science teams lack visibility into questions like: Which samples have been collected, processed, and are available for testing? Was consent given for sample collection and assay testing? How many patients have baseline and post-treatment samples available for testing?

QuartzBio, part of Precision for Medicine, works with biomarker operations and clinical teams facing these challenges and more. Increasingly, sponsors are turning to technology solutions, such as QuartzBio’s virtual Sample Inventory Management platform, to ingest, connect, QC,* and standardize disparate data sources. Data on sample availability and quality can then “talk” to each other and yield the operational insights required to accelerate drug development.

*QC, quality control.

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