Patient recruitment is one of the greatest challenges in any clinical trial. In rare and orphan diseases, recruitment poses an even higher hurdle—and the difficulties multiply as sponsors seek an even more diverse patient community for the development of complex, personalized medicines.

A new partnership between Precision for Medicine and Trialbee, a patient matching and enrollment platform, is designed to address these issues. Both companies are long-standing leaders in applying technology and data science to help clinical research sponsors succeed in the development of life-changing therapies.

Trialbee HIVE™ is a real-world-data-driven patient matching platform that accelerates recruitment using global data assets, look-alike modeling, and digital outreach. By applying the Trialbee platform across the Precision Site Network—spanning both academic and non-academic sites across North America, Europe, and Australia—it is possible to identify untapped potential populations for any specific trial type. Geotargeting even ensures that trial sites are readily accessible to candidates. After the system locates appropriate research subjects, those who are interested are enrolled  through a live nurse qualification process.

“We are working with life science innovators who share a passion to connect next generation treatments with the patients who need them most,” said Precision for Medicine President, Chad Clark. “This partnership expands our ability to reach more patients faster—particularly those with rare or difficult-to-treat diseases.”

This partnership also helps reduce the burden on patients and sites. Trialbee’s HIPAA-compliant system includes socioeconomic and clinical data, enabling better characterization of the patient population. This can help Precision for Medicine forecast situations in which decentralized clinical trial approaches may be implemented to accommodate work schedules or when the use of free transportation services to and from the site can increase enrollment and retention.

The use of advanced analytics to match patients who could benefit from innovative therapies for life-threatening conditions with the trials that they need, promises to accelerate the future of precision medicine.

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